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A Joyful Noise: How COPD Patients Are Learning to Sing Again

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a progressive lung disease that affects millions of Americans, making it hard for them to breathe, and often to perform many everyday activities. For those struggling just to breathe from complications related to COPD or other lung diseases, the thought of belting out a show tune or singing their hearts out in the shower is more a fond memory than a present reality. However, the opportunity to once again lift up their voices in song is now a possibility for those who take part in Gareth Malone’s Breathless Choir project.

Cynthia Davies rediscovered the joy of song after a lifetime in coal mine country left her with a diagnosis of bronchiectasis, a form of COPD that involves breathlessness, infections, and coughing. Although she loved singing as a child, she’s had to forego anything that caused strain to her lungs, and has only been able to function with the assistance of an oxygen tank.

Enter Gareth Malone and his unique training technique for those suffering with lung conditions. The training is so effective, in fact, that his Breathless Choir was able to perform recently at the Apollo Theatre in New York. You can hear for yourself a small sample of this incredibly inspirational choir, and learn more about the heartwarming transformation of Malone’s choir members.

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