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Finding Purpose in Life Is Crucial – Battle Creek Senior Care Experts Can Help

Senior adult teacher, mentor, or tutor assists Latin descent elementary age girl with homework in school classroom or library setting.
Finding purpose in life is important at every stage of life.

Think about a normal day in the life of a senior loved one. Ideally, it includes a range of uplifting and enriching activities: savoring breakfast, participating in a fun activity or interest, visiting with a good friend or loved one, watching a favorite television show. Yet there’s a distinction between positivity and purpose; and the need to find purpose in life has become more evident, especially in the life of aging parents.

Viktor Frankl, world-renowned psychiatrist and survivor of the Holocaust, shares poignantly, “What matters is not the meaning in life in general, but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at a given moment.”

For those whose identity happens to be focused entirely on a profession and raising a family, and who now have reached retirement, it can be difficult to find fresh meaning and purpose. At Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, our southwest Michigan and Battle Creek senior care experts make it a priority to help older adults discover their hobbies and interests and channel them into purposeful activities, such as:

  • Volunteering. For a senior who loves little children, tutoring, reading to, or mentoring kids at a neighborhood school is a wonderful option. Other individuals may care greatly about assisting veterans, and put together care packages of toiletries and snack food items to send overseas. And for animal lovers, bringing treats, blankets, and an affectionate heart to a pet shelter can be extremely fulfilling.
  • Learning. It’s true: you’re never too old to learn something new. Look at the area community college, library, or senior center to discover classes or online programs that might appeal to your loved one.
  • Helping at home. Well-meaning family caregivers frequently take over household duties to free their senior loved ones from the tasks they have managed throughout their lifetime. However, this could easily have the adverse effect of leaving seniors feeling as though they’re no longer needed. Engage your senior loved one in work and tasks around the home that are within his or her skill level and interest, such as helping with preparing meals, folding laundry, arranging nuts and bolts in a toolbox, etc.
  • Recording family history. Providing the next generation with the rich family history and stories experienced firsthand is a treasure that only older adults can offer. Help your senior loved one document his or her lifetime legacy in a scrapbook, writing, or video recording, and then share with family and friends.

And, get in touch with Home Sweet Home In-Home Care’s Battle Creek, MI and southwest Michigan senior care team when requiring personalized in-home support. We help seniors with finding purpose in life while allowing them security and comfort in the familiarity of home. We are able to offer transportation to stimulating and enjoyable activities, help plan and implement ideas to accomplish right at home, or simply look after a few of the everyday tasks in the house, such as cleaning and cooking, enabling family members to experience high quality time with each other. You can reach us any time at 269-963-9888 in Battle Creek, 269- 849-9252 in St. Joseph, 269-763-5350 in Paw Paw or 269-373-5444 in Kalamazoo.

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