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Here’s How Today Can Be a Great Day for Seniors and their Caregivers

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“What a crazy day,” we sometimes bemoan, shrugging our shoulders gloomily. Let’s be honest, occasionally things happen that are completely out of our control, and some days those things all seemingly happen at exactly the same time – making us wish we had made the decision to simply remain in bed! But the truth is, there are actually steps we can all take to turn those stressful days around, and also find purpose and meaning within our challenging experiences.

Next time you find yourself spiraling in negativity over the circumstances of your day, try these helpful techniques:

Take it step by step. Multitasking is highly overrated! Typically, the sense of having an awful day arises from being overloaded and taking on far too much at once. Setting some boundaries to concentrate on only one task at a time can, in fact, improve productivity and provide a sense of achievement.

Try distancing. The art of distancing takes practice to develop but can be extremely useful in keeping all of the things we have to do and think about in proper perspective. First, think about the impact a specific frustration you’re experiencing could have a month from now – or one year from now. Then, think about the advice you’d offer to a pal in an equivalent situation to come up with a target solution.

Be gracious. It’s hard to hold onto negative thinking when you make a conscious effort to appreciate the positives in life, no matter how seemingly unimportant they might be. End every day with a self-reminder regarding the top five things you experienced during the day. Keeping a log is an excellent solution to bring positives back again to the forefront of one’s mind on particularly strenuous days. Whether you are a senior in need of assistance at home or a loved one of an older adult trying to help out, there is a lot to be thankful for in life. Enlisting the help of a trusted professional, like the Kalamazoo, MI home care experts at Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, can make it easier to see a glass half full instead of half empty.

Create “me” time. While it can seem impractical to actually take time for self-care with so many other people and priorities vying for our attention, it’s vital to both our mental and physical health. Schedule blocks of uninterrupted time to enjoy a soothing activity, like reading or walking, and stick to those times like you would any kind of important to-do on your agenda.

Still feeling stressed? Home Sweet Home In-Home Care provide high quality in-home caregivers Portage families need and can help tremendously by partnering with busy family members to deliver safe, expert Kalamazoo, MI senior care services that allow for a healthier life balance. Whether the need is for just a couple hours of respite care for a senior to give some breathing room to family members, full-time, around-the-clock care to offer maximum safety, or anything in the middle, contact us at (269) 224-1683 to learn more about our premier Kalamazoo MI home care services and our in-home caregivers in Portage.


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