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Southwest Michigan Home Care Advice for Seniors | Mixing Medicines & Vitamins Can Be Dangerous

Southwest Michigan Home Care Now that vitamins and supplements have gone mainstream, it can be all too easy to think of them as always helpful, never harmful. But that’s not always the case. For all the good they can do, some supplements can be harmful, especially when combined with medications.

Recent research warns of the dangers associated with combining certain prescription medications with over-the-counter vitamins and herbal supplements. Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, a southwest Michigan home care agency notes that in some cases, these combinations can even be deadly, such as the interactions between blood pressure drugs and supplements such as omega-3 fish oil.

According to Dr. Dima Qato, a University of Illinois assistant professor of pharmacy systems, “A medication or supplement may be safe and beneficial when you use it alone, but when you mix it with other medications or supplements, it can be very dangerous.”

It’s crucial to be vigilant about providing our healthcare providers with a list of all medications being taken, including any supplements, so that each physician is not only aware of, but has approved of, these combinations.

Learn more about the study  and some particularly dangerous med combinations, and call on Home Sweet Home In-Home Care  for more tips on keeping Southwest Michigan seniors healthy and safe. As St. Joseph’s top-rated home care provider, we are proud to offer a medication management system that can help. Contact us for details.

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