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How to Advocate for a Senior Undergoing Medical Tests

advocate for a senior
For many older adults, medical tests can present challenges. Learn tips to advocate for a senior here.

There is frequently nothing “routine” about a routine medical checkup. You may arrive to your appointment perfectly fine, but leave with orders for blood work along with other medical tests a doctor recommends to help keep you as healthy as possible. These tests might be nothing more than a small inconvenience for you, but for older adults, they could be challenging, for many reasons: transportation problems, mobility issues, thinner skin, fragile veins, cognitive difficulties, and much more.

There are steps you can take to help advocate for a senior loved one to manage medical tests more easily. For example:

  • Providing a stool or urine sample can be challenging. Ask the doctor for any recommendations to make the process less difficult, for example, a receptacle to place over the toilet rather than using a cup. Ensure the bathroom floor is clean and dry and that any bathmats or throw rugs are removed, and encourage the person to hold onto a grab bar during the collection process to prevent a fall.
  • Find out if tests can be carried out in the individual’s home. Home health care is becoming an increasingly viable choice for blood work along with other tests.
  • If the senior needs to have a test done outside the home, call ahead to the facility where it will be performed. Find answers to any specific questions you may have about parking, drop-off location, the best time of day to arrange for the test, etc.

How Can Home Care Services Advocate for a Senior Who Needs Medical Tests?

A caregiver from Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, a trusted provider of in-home care in Mattawan and other Michigan communities, can:

  • Take notes to make sure doctors’ orders are understood and followed
  • Pick up prescriptions and provide medication reminders so that meds are taken exactly as prescribed
  • Provide accompaniment and transportation to medical appointments, procedures, and tests, while assisting with mobility support as needed
  • Help the senior get settled safely back at home afterwards, and provide companionship and oversight to watch for any changes in condition that need to be reported
  • And so much more

Also, many individuals feel much more comfortable receiving assistance for sensitive medical matters from a skilled professional. Our caregivers are experienced in discreet and respectful support with personal care needs, allowing family members to step back and offer the person privacy.

Contact us at (866) 229-2505 to arrange for the support needed for someone you love. We offer a free in-home consultation that will help you understand your options, so contact us today!

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