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Top Tips to Keep Your Marriage Strong When Caring for Elderly Parents

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Learn tips to balance marriage and caring for aging parents

In marriage, we consent to stick with each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health – but what doesn’t come up during our vows to each other is the way to handle the mounting requirements of senior care as caring for elderly parents becomes more challenging.

Nevertheless, with our life span increasing, it is highly recommended to have a strategy based on both the needs of our parents as they age, and the multitude of daily needs, all while honoring our cherished relationship with a spouse. It is a challenge that’s producing tension and strain for 80% of couples interviewed, leading to detachment and less quality time with each other. These specific areas in a married relationship are particularly impacted by caring for aging parents:

  • Finances. Still holding the top spot when it comes to the reason cited for divorce, economic pressure is amplified if the older parent hasn’t already executed an economic plan for long-term care. Frankly discussing irritations with each other and working together to consider options to afford services will help.
  • Exhaustion. As gratifying as it might be, meeting the needs of an elderly family member demands significant amounts of energy and time – leaving hardly any left over at the end of the day for your spouse. Recognize opportunities for assistance from others, or employ professional in-home senior care help so you can make sure you leave room for high quality time with your spouse.
  • Frustration. Rising frustration and diminished patience are two typical side effects of fatigue, and sadly, we are inclined to lash out at individuals we love the most when feeling overwhelmed. Tolerate imperfection, practice understanding, and find specialized help as needed.

So how else can you eliminate these issues and keep maintaining a strong and balanced marriage? These guidelines can help:

  • Be sure your partner is a high concern. Little gestures can go a long way towards this end, such as writing a handwritten note of love and gratitude, waking up a few minutes early to share a cup of coffee together before the day becomes busy, or putting aside time at the end of the day to talk and unwind.
  • Signing up for an online support group for family caregivers can give you the chance to share worries with individuals in related circumstances, alleviating concerns.
  • Seek out the services of a certified counselor, either for your needs separately or for both of you as a couple.

An additional way to obtain a healthy life balance when caring for elderly parents is through partnering with a trustworthy and well-established in-home care provider, like Home Sweet Home In-Home Care. We provide personalized respite care solutions that allow family members to take time off from parental care while providing older adults time for enhanced socialization with a friendly and fully-trained caregiver. Contact us online or call us at (866) 229-2505 to learn more about our Kalamazoo senior care and care in the surrounding areas today! To learn about all of the areas in Southwest Michigan that we serve, please visit our Service Area page or call our Paw Paw office at (269) 763-5350; Battle Creek office at 269-963-9888; or St. Joseph office at (269) 849-9252.

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