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Pilot Program Enhances Recovery After a Stroke

Recovery After a StrokeWhen you have a stroke, everything changes. It’s easy for family members to become overwhelmed when they begin the challenging process of helping a loved one pick up the pieces and return home. Knowing the best thing to do, or where to turn for the best recovery after a stroke, is not always easy.

Luckily, the National Stroke Association  can offer some helpful suggestions, thanks to their recent launch of a pilot program in which telephone support was provided to stroke patients and their family caregivers, engaging them during a two- to six-month period following hospital discharge. The results have been dramatic, reducing re-hospitalizations, ensuring medication adherence, and providing much needed overall support.

We’re not surprised by the statistical proof that stroke survivors experience a better recovery after a stroke due to the follow-up services like those in the pilot program, but we are pleased. At Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, we provide a similar level of support every day for families helping a loved one recover from stroke.

We have found that attentive home care is the best solution to allow stroke survivors to regain maximum independence and wellbeing. High-quality in-home care also empowers family members to provide caring support to their loved ones. We offer a free in-home assessment to see how we can best help your family. Contact us to learn more!

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