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How to Provide Care Where It Matters Most – at Home – While Alleviating Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver GuiltWe’re a do-it-yourself culture; one that definitely values self-reliance, and applauds individuals that pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and handle pretty much everything independently. However reality is, there are certain things we just can’t accomplish without help; issues that can potentially induce harm to ourselves or perhaps other people when we abstain from seeking support.

A job that’s certainly best when shared is administering care for an older loved one in the place where it matters most – at home. However, sadly, a large percentage of family care providers struggle with reaching out for support, for various reasons: a sense of guilt with feeling as though they should be equipped to keep on top of care for their family member or friend themselves, reluctance to trust another to provide high quality care, or a matter of pride.

If you are a family caregiver, in order to prevent caregiver burnout, hopelessness, or other negative and all-too-common outcomes, try out these pointers to lessen the worry of requesting assistance:

  • Break down your personal caregiving responsibility into different tasks, and determine which you’d like help with: meal preparation, cleaning up, personal care, transporting, and so on.
  • Make a checklist of those individuals you could possibly put your trust in that may help with these types of jobs: associates, family members, people in your religious organization, neighbors, and neighborhood young adults who have volunteer requirements to meet.
  • Match up assignments with the prospective helpers, and approach each one with specific information on the things you need.

And, please remember: Home Sweet Home In-Home Care will always be prepared with expert, fully trained, knowledgeable senior health care providers who can help as often or as little as needed – providing care where it matters most. Serving Paw Paw, St. Joseph, and surrounding cities, we invite you to contact us at 269-849-9252 to discover how we can support you in caring for your senior loved one.

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