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Are Sibling Squabbles Interfering with Caring for Your Parents? These Tips Can Help.

Caring for Your ParentsAlthough we would rather turn a blind eye to it, family friction is usually common in some way for most of us, and during a period of crisis, is typically exacerbated. After levels of stress are increased, it’s normal to search for a target to serve as an outlet for those feelings; and sadly, that target is usually those we’ve shared the most with over a lifetime: our brother or sisters.

If you find family dynamics are impeding your skill to work together in caring for your parents, these guidelines can help:

  • Discuss. Even though it seems to be rudimentary, it’s worth stressing that good communication is paramount to comprehending different viewpoints and getting on the same page. Taking note of important points, such as financial decisions, your parents’ plans, and who has consented to assist with each aspect of caring for your parents is certainly a good plan.
  • Adapt. Share with one another what sorts of responsibilities you might be available to help with, but realize that compromises may need to be made in order to assure that all of the bases are covered. Know that sacrifices will likely be necessary from all parties involved in care, and communicate to identify a solution that’s as fair as possible to each individual.
  • Delegate. Understand that there is additional help available that will help families in continuing to keep their elderly members of the family safe and flourishing. Partnering with a qualified professional home care agency, such as Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, allows families much-needed time to manage their own personal lives while knowing their family members are getting the finest possible care.

Planning as much in advance as you can prior to when a care need arises is the key to decreasing family friction later. Obtain particulars on how your parents would like to deal with specific situations as they grow older. Would they desire to age in place at home, or move to an assisted living facility? If they’d choose to remain at home, what basic safety and accessibility improvements will have to be made? In what way would they prefer everyday tasks to be managed when the need for help arises, such as with taking showers, getting dressed, maintaining the home, etc.?

At Home Sweet Home In-Home Care, expert providers of Kalamazoo senior care, we recognize that challenging family dynamics are often at their highest when dealing with care needs for a senior loved one. Contact us at (269) 224-1683 to discover how we can help relieve worry and supply the solutions to care that can restore peace to family members.

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