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Tips from a Top Rated Home Care Company: The Benefits of Design Thinking

Top Rated Home Care CompanyOne of the latest buzz phrases, “design thinking,” has become synonymous with creating products targeted specifically to the elderly. However, in its true form, design thinking actually encompasses a wider purpose: creating product solutions that make life more comfortable – whether the user is young or old.

While seniors can certainly benefit from the development of carefully thought out products, such as technology to provide better medication management through smartphone apps, or specialized chairs designed to help with bathing of dementia patients, the most effective and long-reaching design thinking spans the generations. It involves stepping into a variety of users’ shoes and trying to globally meet their varied needs.

A good example is Nintendo’s extremely popular Wii game system. Enjoyed by teenagers, older adults, and just about everyone in between, its top-notch design places a focus on the strengths of its users, rather than trying to help them with their weaknesses. Kavan Peterson, the editor of ChangingAging.org, said, “Do not design based on decline”.

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