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The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Holiday Sugar from Our St. Joseph Home Health Agency

St Joseph Home HealthIt’s true: we’ve moved into the season of sweet treats! From chocolate kiss cookies to apple pies to candy canes and whipped cream topped cocoa, it’s difficult to disregard the variety of sweet goodies that bombard us, and the reminiscences they stir up, particularly near the holidays. But what impact does this rise in sugar consumption have on our overall health, especially for seniors?

Sugar’s habit forming characteristics are well recognized. It releases dopamine while activating the reward portion of the brain, and whenever an excessive amount is eaten, people build a tolerance to these effects, requiring even more sugar – a vicious circle.

And as if that were not disturbing enough, added sugar (rather than naturally-occurring sugar) has been recognized as a toxin that boosts inflammation and raises risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and maybe even breast cancer. For senior citizens, an excessive amount of sugar can increase cognitive impairment and result in problems with the chronic conditions that a great many have trouble with.

Although we definitely don’t wish to take the holiday joy from seniors, it’s necessary to remember that one can find more healthy, yet still festive options.

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