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When Aging Parents Expect More Than You Can Give

displeased senior woman
When caring for aging parents, it’s important to maintain open communication.

In an ideal world, we could perfectly compartmentalize our caregiving duties, adhering to a routine that met the requirements of aging parents, while enabling the time required to handle our wide variety of other responsibilities. But of course, life does not adhere to our desired script, and conflicting needs are common when caring for an older adult.

Many cherished older adults resist the need for help, while others may come to depend too greatly on an adult child, leading to unmet expectations and ultimately aggravation for both parties.

Home Sweet Home In-Home Care’s senior care professionals offer the following tips to help explain expectations and communicate effectively:

  • Emphasize empathy. In place of pulling away from a senior whose demands seem unreasonable, pause and empathize. Think through the difficulties your loved one is facing, and how it could feel to be in his or her shoes. Then communicate your sincere concern and desire to help.
  • Permit each other to be heard. Start a dialogue with your parent, inviting her or him to express how it feels to be in need of care, and what sort of care is necessary. Ascertain what the older adult’s goals are, and then share your own expectations and limitations in having the ability to completely meet his or her needs.
  • Compromise to arrive at a solution. Finding a resolution that works for both of you may be easier than you might think. For instance, in the event the senior expects assistance with transportation based on a specific schedule several times a week, perhaps you can provide that assistance one day, while enlisting assistance from others to cover additional days. This provides for increased socialization for the senior loved one as well as the healthy life balance you need.

Home Sweet Home In-Home Care is prepared to partner with family caregivers with highly trained, carefully matched care professionals who are passionate about making life the best it can be for older adults. Working with Home Sweet Home In-Home Care enables adult children to ensure their aging parents are well cared for at all times, whether by filling in with respite care where needed, through around-the-clock live-in care, or a variety of solutions in between. Some of the numerous ways we are able to help include:

  • Safe, accompanied transportation
  • Running errands
  • Planning and preparing nourishing meals
  • Keeping the house clean and neat
  • Offering friendly companionship to brighten each day
  • Innovative and highly specialized care for people who have dementia
  • And so much more

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